Why Microfilm and Microfiche Digitizing?

Why Microfilm and Microfiche Digitizing

Why are companies and organizations turning to microfilm and microfiche digitizing more than ever before? In today’s digital age, microfilm, microfiche and paper-based documents are becoming a thing of the past. Outsourced scanning services are a cost effective way for organizations to reduce clutter in their offices by digitizing their archives. At Hines EDM, we take pride in providing high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective document scanning services. We offer a wide range of scanning services, including microfilm and microfiche scanning, along with all types of paper documents, to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Microfilm and microfiche are two types of analog storage media that were commonly used before the digital era. Both microfilm and microfiche were widely used for archiving documents and images in libraries, government agencies, school districts, and other organizations and much of it still exists today.

Microfilm was thought by many to be a permanent solution for long term storage of critical records. However, if not stored properly in a controlled environment, over time it can deteriorate due to vinegar syndrome, oxidation, mold and acidification.  Some older film types like vesicular and acetate film are especially susceptible to damage.  If the deterioration is caught in time the film may be salvaged or repaired but in some cases it can be completely unusable.

Our microfilm and microfiche scanning services provide a variety of benefits to our clients. First, digitizing microfilm and microfiche archives makes them more accessible and easier to search from any connected computer. No more tedious manual searching through rolls of film or sheets of fiche. Additionally, digital archives take up less physical space and can easily be backed up and hosted on our secure cloud, which is an important consideration for businesses with limited storage space. We also offer OCR (optical character recognition) services, which can convert scanned images into searchable and editable text.

Furthermore, digitizing microfilm and microfiche archives makes them more secure. Analog storage media are vulnerable to damage from environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, and light. Digitizing these archives ensures that they are protected from such factors and minimizes the risk of loss or damage of valuable docoumentation.

In conclusion, our microfilm and microfiche scanning capabilities are an important part of our document scanning services. Whether you’re looking to digitize your microfilm and microfiche archives or your filing cabinets and shelves full of paper documents, we’re here to help.

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